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    2013 MLB over/under regular season win totals projections (no critics, please, it’s only a 1st draft!)

    Feb 22, 2013

    Spring Training games begin on Thursday. In the next few days—and possibly as early as today—Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nev., as it always does, will likely become the first sportsbook to release MLB regular season over/under win totals.

    We’ve admittedly spent very little time preparing for the season.

    But hopefully you have.

    Below, we’ve listed our projected over/under win totals. The numbers are admittedly rough, and there are going to be some obvious misses (teams we have rated too high or too low, and so on), but hopefully through feedback and discussion we can get them close to where they should be.

    Care to share your thoughts?

    * * *

    2013 MLB win total projections

    Washington Nationals 94
    Los Angeles Angels 93.5
    Detroit Tigers 92
    Tampa Bay Rays 91
    San Francisco Giants 91
    Cincinnati Reds 91
    New York Yankees 90
    Texas Rangers 89
    St. Louis Cardinals 89
    Los Angeles Dodgers 88.5
    Atlanta Braves 88
    Toronto Blue Jays 87.5
    Chicago White Sox 87
    Oakland Athletics 86.5
    Philadelphia Phillies 85
    Arizona Diamondbacks 84.5
    Baltimore Orioles 83
    Boston Red Sox 83
    Kansas City Royals 82.5
    Pittsburgh Pirates 79
    Seattle Mariners 78
    Milwaukee Brewers 78
    New York Mets 75.5
    Cleveland Indians 74
    Chicago Cubs 73
    San Diego Padres 73
    Colorado Rockies 72
    Minnesota Twins 71
    Miami Marlins 68.5
    Houston Astros 59.5

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