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    NFL season win totals see plenty of movement at Atlantis

    May 15, 2013

    Steve Mikkelson books to a different crowd at the Atlantis Casino sports book in Reno. It’s a crowd that has placed more bets on the Oakland Raiders to win the Super Bowl than all but three other teams.

    The Seahawks lead the ticket count by a wide margin in Mikkelson’s Super Bowl futures book, followed by the 49ers and Broncos. The Raiders are next. Despite what Mikkelson admits are bad odds (40-to-1), Oakland has attracted more bets than the Patriots.

    “They (Raiders) should be 100-to-1 at least, but I can’t give them true odds,” said Mikkelson. “Even at 40-to-1, I can’t stop (people) from betting them. Let’s just say that if the 49ers, Raiders or Seahawks ever win the Super Bowl, I’m going to lose some money. ”

    Early NFL win-total action

    Mikkelson posted the first win totals for the 2013 NFL season in Nevada on Thursday. He was pleased with the handle his early win totals have generated and had been aggressively moving off numbers with each $500 max bet.

    As of Tuesday morning, he had taken a max bet on 11 teams. The Packers were the only team that took multiple max bets. Green Bay’s win total has been bet down from 12 to 10.5.

    The Broncos and Rams are the other two teams to see a full-game adjustment. The Broncos dropped from 12 to 11, and the Rams went from 8 to 7.

    “Moving off the numbers does open up to get sided (losing both ways), but I also believe it helps build handle early on,” Mikkelson said.

    Some other notable early NFL win total moves:

    -- The defending Super Bowl champion Ravens have been bet down from 9.5 to 9.

    -- The Browns have been bet up from 5 to 5.5.

    -- The Broncos have been bet down from 12 to 11.

    -- The Dolphins have gone from 7.5 to 7.

    -- The Jets went from 7 to 6.5.

    -- The Steelers went from 10 to 9.5.

    -- The Seahawks went from 11 to 10.5.

    -- The Buccaneers went from 6.5 to 7.

    -- The Redskins went from 9 to 8.5.

    Here’s a glance at how each team’s win totals have shifted at the Atlantis:

    OPEN (Thurs, May 9) Tuesday, May 14
    Arizona Cardinals 6 -120u 6 -150u
    Atlanta Falcons 10 -135o 10 -125u
    Baltimore Ravens 9.5 -120o 9
    Buffalo Bills 5 -135o 6 -135o
    Carolina Panthers 6.5 -130o 6.5 -150o
    Chicago Bears 8.5 -145o 8.5 -135o
    Cincinnati Bengals 9 9 -140u
    Cleveland Browns 5 -150u 5.5 -120u
    Dallas Cowboys 8.5 -150o 8.5 -140u
    Denver Broncos 12 -130o 11 -135o
    Detroit Lions 7 7 -140o
    Green Bay Packers 12 10.5
    Houston Texans 11 -140o 11 -140u
    Indianapolis Colts 8 -150o 8 -165o
    Jacksonville Jaguars 4.5 -140o 4.5 -165o
    Kansas City Chiefs 6.5 -130o 6.5 -130
    Miami Dolphins 7.5 7 -140u
    Minnesota Vikings 7.5 7.5 -140
    New England Patriots 11.5 -140o 11.5 -14ou
    New Orleans Saints 9.5 9.5 135u
    New York Giants 9 9 -120o
    New York Jets 7 6.5
    Oakland Raiders 5.5 5.5 -125u
    Philadelphia Eagles 6.5 -150o 6.5 -160o
    Pittsburgh Steelers 10 -130o 9.5
    San Diego Chargers 7 -130u 7 -140o
    San Francisco 49ers 11.5 -120o 11.5
    Seattle Seahawks 11 -140o 10.5
    St. Louis Rams 8 7 -135u
    Tampa Bay Buccanneers 6.5 7 -140o
    Tennessee Titans 6.5 -140u 6.5 -120u
    Washington Redskins 9 8.5 -140u

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