Talk like a Pirate Slot Tournament

Talk like a Pirate Slot Tournament

Win your share of $40,000 in cash and prizes!

Sunday - Monday, September 15 - 16 • 2013

Arr matey! Get yer cut of the treasure at this action-packed slot tournament, in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Win yarr share of $40,000 in cash and prizes—that be some serious booty. Plus yarr whole crew can win a share of $5,000 in Hot Seat prizes. Fair winds me hearties!

Schedule of events

Sunday • September 15

  • 2 pm - 4 pm – Tournament registration
  • 4:30 pm – First round of slot tournament play

Monday • September 16

  • 9 am - Second round of slot tournament play
  • 1 pm - Third round of slot tournament play
  • 6 pm - Awards dinner

X marks the spot for fun and fortune! For more information, and to enter, please call 888.551.7007 or 775.824.4467.

How to talk like a pirate!
AHOY ... hello
ARR ... an exclamation
AVAST ... stop or desist
AYE ... an affirmation
BOOTY ... treasure
BUCKO ... friend
CAROUSER ... one who engages in riotous drinking and festivities
CUTLASS ... a heavy, curved, single-edged sword
DUBLOON ... a gold coin minted by Spain
GALLEY ... a ship’s kitchen
GRUB ... food
GROG ... mixture of water, rum, and sour fruit juice
HEARTIES ... term to refer to fellowship among sailors
JOLLY ROGER ... pirate flag
MAROONED ... to be stranded
MUTINY ... an uprising aboard a ship
RUN A RIG ... to play a trick
STEP TO ... a command to move quickly
SCALLYWAG ... a villainous or bothersome person
SINK ME ... an expression of surprise

Must be 21. Management reserves all rights. Prize money based on a minimum of 475 entries. Tournament times may vary based on number of entries.

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