Pick Six at Atlantis

Pick Six and Win Big With Casino Keno!

There's no simpler numbers game than Keno when you visit the casino, making it a popular choice for first-time visitors or those who see the casino as a home away from home. No skill required, just pick six numbers and keep your eye on the next fifty games to see if you've won.

Play 5 hours of Keno for $500

Win up to $55,000

It's simple:

  • Pick six numbers
  • Watch the next fifty games to see if you've won!

— For each game —

0 Out of 6 Pays:
5 Out of 6 Pays:
6 Out of 6 Pays:

A Beloved Classic Casino Game

For each game of Keno, keep your eye on the results to see how much you’ve won. Earn anywhere between $5 if none of your numbers are chosen to $55,000 if your card goes a perfect 6 out of 6 pays. With fifty games to keep your eye on for over five hours, there’s no lack of excitement as you keep watch on the board throughout your day.

A Simpler Can Be Better

Take the stress out of competing with Keno Pick 6 and let Lady Luck decide your fate. Pick your favorite six numbers, a random collection of six, or even let the computer select for you when you pick up your card. With no dealer, no competition from fellow players, and no outside impact on the game, kick your feet up and relax as winning numbers are drawn. 

A Modern Spin on a Traditional Game

Keno can be traced back at least 2,000 years to China, but that hasn’t stopped us from giving the experience a modern-day flair. Enjoy the game 24/7 in our Keno lounge, a comfortable, non-smoking environment that brings contemporary technology to the game to make the process seamless and easy to love.

Purchase tickets at the main Keno counter. Your selected numbers remain the same until your ticket is completed. No Quit Race allowed. Please check your tickets for accuracy. All jackpots will be paid by computer generated tickets. Must be 21. Management reserves all rights.