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Wagering Disclaimers



As of July 2020 all Major League Baseball wagers are Action.  There are NO Listed Pitchers.  Tickets go as written regardless of any subsequent change in pitcher or line adjustments. 

Scheduled Double Headers that consist of seven (7) innings may offer totals and run lines which become official after seven (7) innings or six and a half (6½) if the home team is leading.

All playoff games are “Action Whenever Played.”


All playoff games are “Action Whenever Played.”


For wagering purposes, in hockey, if a game goes to a shootout the winner of the shootout will be awarded one goal, which counts towards the total.

All playoff games are “Action Whenever Played.”


Future wagers on the Masters, PGA Championship, Open Championship and US Open are action regardless of golfer playing in the respective tournament.  If the golfer does not tee off to start the tournament in all other golf tournaments the wager will be refunded.

Both golfers in a matchup must tee off for action.  The winner of a matchup is determined by the golfer that plays the most holes. If players have completed the same number of holes, lowest score wins.  In match play the winner of the match also wins the matchup.  If golfers in a matchup are involved in a playoff, the golfer that wins the playoff also wins the matchup.  In the event of a three (3) way or more playoff, the winner of the playoff wins the matchup; all other golfers tie each other.


All wagers on the driver, not a team or car. Future wagers on a driver that does not start a specified race will be refunded. 

Both drivers in matchup must start the race for action. 

Official results as reported by NASCAR after inspection will be used to determine the winner of matchups and the race.


Future wagers on the Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon are action regardless of player starting the respective tournament.

Both player in a matchup must start the match and play at least two (2) complete sets for action.  If the match does not go at least two (2) complete sets, regardless of the reason, all wagers will be refunded.


For all soccer betting, unless otherwise specified, the score at the end of regulation time (90 minutes plus any added injury minutes) will be deemed the final score. Goals scored in “Extra Time” or during “Penalty Shoot Outs” do not count. Game must go 90 minutes with an official result for action unless otherwise specified.


Quarter Lines ( ¼, ¾ ) – Handicap splits the wager between the two closest ½ intervals.  For instance, a $100 wager with a handicap of +1 3/4 is the same as wagering $50 at +1½ and $50 at +2.  The guest’s wager is automatically divided equally and placed as two (2) separate wagers.