overhead view of craps table at Atlantis


Play the best craps in Reno! Atlantis offers 5X odds on craps! Try your luck at the game with the best odds in the house. Whether you're the shooter rolling winning sevens or elevens, or betting on the sharp shooter, Atlantis offers players a fun and exciting Craps experience.

Long Rolls Bonus
Win great prizes by being one of the top shooters. Atlantis is Home of the Long Rollsâ„ ! Learn More.

Free Long Rolls $5,000 Craps Tournament
Players with the top five longest rolls of the day will qualify into the next month's $5,000 craps tournament.*

Sharp Shooter
Play this exciting side bet for craps that rewards a hot roll. More payouts. More often.


*Long Roll Craps Tournament currently suspended due to COVID restrictions.