Roulette at Atlantis


Red or black, odd or even, high or low numbers - it's all about choices and your chance to win big money playing Roulette at Atlantis.


Back2Back Roulette

Get ready for back-to-back excitement at Atlantis! The new Back2Backā„  Roulette feature dramatically increases your chance to win big on roulette. Wait to see what happens when your lucky number hits Back2Back!


How to play and win:

The Back2Back bet is an optional side bet on roulette. It can be played in addition to your regular roulette wagers or may be bet alone. Regular Roulette limits apply. Simply provide $1 to $5 to your friendly dealer and indicate your lucky Back2Back number(s). The dealer will place your wager on the Back2Back betting section. If your lucky number hits back-to-back (two times in a row), you’ll be awarded 1,200 to 1!